Teen Classes & Activities

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Teen Scene Classes and Activities are designed for youth in grades 6-12 (unless noted otherwise). Some programs are open to youth and/or adults. 

Please register by at least one week prior to start to avoid cancellations. A signed medical waiver for all minor participants must be on file in our office by the day prior to start of program.

Bay Area Driving School - Driver's Ed | 15 yrs & up

Receive DMV-approved Certificate of Completion

Online Driver's Ed Course (at your own pace)

DMV allows Teens to receive their Learner’s Permit at age 15 ½ and a license at age 16. This class is the first, required step that must be completed. This is an online course which you finish at your own pace with videos, animated driving scenarios and sample test questions. Learn the rules of the road, major causes of traffic collisions, DMV procedures and much more. A licensed instructor is available to answer any questions.

Virtual Driver's Ed (with LIVE instructor) 

This is a virtual Driver's Education with a LIVE instructor. Students will enjoy a series of Driver's Education lectures including understanding the responsibilities of having a driver’s license, learning the rules of the road and accident avoidance procedures. Independent assignments will also be completed during the week. The course also includes practice questions, defensive driving movies and written test prep. Upon completion, receive DMV-approved Driver’s Education Certificate of Completion (OL 237).

Babysitting 101 for Beginners | 10-16 yrs

Learn the skills needed to be a trusted and responsible babysitter. Learn all about childhood development, bedtime strategies, positive redirection, how to get a job, and ways to make babysitting fun. 

Improv - Spontaneous Mind | 14-17 yrs 

Laugh/Learn/Have fun/ Play games/ Think on your feet
Improv for all levels, learn to make it up as you go and be in the moment. 

Middle School Bike Skills Course | 10-14 yrs

Course will help you child gain valuable skills and confidence to sagfely bicycle to school, the park, the mall, and beyond. IN-person interactive review or biking basics, then moves to smaller groups for on-bike training & practoce.