Parent's Page

We ask all of our parents to communicate honestly and openly with our teachers. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome, and we encourage parents to get involved with class activities and events in the preschool community!

Parent Committee

One important way for our parents to get more active within our school community is to participate on the Pleasant Hill Recreation Parent Committee. Our parent committee is a voluntary group of preschool parents, organized to promote the success of our students' preschool experience.


The mission of the PH Recreation Preschool Parent Committee encompasses three key activities:
  • Host social events for the preschool children and their families
  • Fundraising
    Funds raised by the Parent committee enhance the preschool programs only. They are separate from the Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District budget.
  • Service to our community


The Parent Committee enhance our children's preschool experience in the following ways:
  • Sponsoring activities to help our children and families feel part of the school, fostering school pride.
  • Providing financial support to the teachers for day-to-day expenditures and supplies needed to run their classes.
  • Allocating funds to assist in creating a better physical preschool environment, especially long -term capital improvement projects that are outside of the normal operating budget. Examples include classroom and playground enhancements, bathroom renovations, etc).
  • Providing marketing assistance to promote the preschool within the community. This website is a primary example of a project spearheaded and funded by the Pleasant Hill Parent Committee.
  • Facilitating numerous donation projects (Sock / Food drive, Toys for tots) to help teach our children sharing, giving and serving about serving their larger city and community.

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