Lots of Fun for Little Ones!

Preschoolers love to explore the world around them.
We offer a variety of fun programs and activities specifically for your little explorer that encourage learning, socialization, creativity and discovery.

Get inspired by the following preschool activities to help you and your little ones find your fun as we continue to shelter-in-place!

Preschool girl painting

(<5 years old)

    with Rec & Park Preschool Teachers!

    GOOD MORNING SONG with Teacher Jan!
    A fun and silly way for little ones to start their day! Preschoolers will love to sing, clap, and dance with Teacher Jan in her very first sing-a-long video debut. 

STORY TIME with Teacher Sandra
Need a break? Let our Preschool Teacher, Sandra, read a favorite bedtime story to your little ones!
Story: The Monster At The End of This Book by Jon Stone

NEW Clap Your Hands Song with Teacher Stephanie
Hooray! You made it through another day of shelter-in-place and that is reason enough to clap your hands in celebration! Join our preschool teacher, Stephanie for one of her Hummingbird students’ favorite songs, Clapping Your Hands.

Parent Workout with Maggie Watson

  • AQUATICS Activities
    For all the land-locked swimmers out there! Get ready for when the pools open once again!

For more information about our regular PRESCHOOL programs, please click on image circles below.

We look forward to seeing you in-person again soon!

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