Ages 3.6 to 4.6 years old by 9/1

The Bluebirds classes build upon the skills learned in Hummingbirds, encouraging greater self-reliance and confidence in a school environment. Blue Birds continue to facilitate gross/fine motor development and increases focus on academics and readiness skills for our students.

Important Skills

Some of the important skills we focus on in Blue Birds:

Socialization Skills

Taking turns, active listening, sharing and showing empathy for others; multitasking and following directions; accepting praise, suggestions and corrections; building positive teacher-child, parent-child relationships

Self-Help Skills

Independence in personal hygiene (e.g. hand washing, toileting and nose wiping); independence in opening snack, cleaning up and getting ready; sense of pride and accomplishment in achievements that encourages trying new things; communicating clearly with other children and adults.

Gross Motor Skills

Participating in group movement activities; playing organized games, walking a straight line, crossing the mid-line, pedaling, alternating feet when climbing stairs; catching a large ball.

Fine Motor Skills

Block and play-dough manipulation; beginning stringing and lacing beads; beginning writing skills (correctly holding a pencil); puzzles; finger plays and competency in use of materials (glue, paint, scissors).


Listening comprehension; introduction to sequencing, categorizing, patterning; associating spoken and written word; labeling objects; story telling; recognizing colors and basic shapes plus relationships of size and position; introduction to letters and phonics; counting skills and number recognition through 10; continuing exposure to science, social science and basic cooking lessons to explore our world; continuing introduction to our literary heritage through nursery rhymes, fairy tales and stories.

 Location / Time

MWF and TTH 8:30-11:30 a.m.   

Pleasant Hill Community Center

320 Civic Drive

Pleasant Hill, CA