Pleasant Getaway Day Trips

Seniors enjoying an outdoor presentation at Hog Island

Please note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our travel program is on hold. Our Travel Coordinator is currently furloughed, but if you need assistance with a previously planned trip, please contact the Senior Center main line at 925-798-8788

 Until we can travel again, stay safe, healthy and make sure you sign up for our e-news for the latest updates.

Explore Locally!
Meet new friends and have fun as you explore Northern California (and a little beyond) in the company of fellow travel enthusiasts. Pleasant Getways and excursions are generally 1-day trips to exciting local destinations. Special 2-4 day trips are also offered. Want to know more about our travel program? Stay up to date with all the latest by signing up for our e-mail list by clicking here

Tickets available at Pleasant Hill Rec & Park District Travel Services desk in the Senior Center, 233 Gregory Lane or call (925) 798-8747 or click a link below to sign up online!

Day Trips Available Now! 
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Please note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all trips for April & May have been rescheduled or cancelled.

If you signed up for one of these trips and cannot make the new date, please e-mail Cassie at to get a full refund.

July Trips have been cancelled.

NEW! August Day Trips!

8/1 Dog Surfing Championships & Lunch at Moonraker Restaurant

Surfing Dog

8/6 Cache Creek Casino

cache creek casino floor with slot machines that are lit up in the background

8/11 Kendall Jackson Winery & Healdsburg

Kendall Jackson Winery

8/20 Spend the Day at Cannery Row - Monterey

Cannery Row

Call to sign up over the phone @ 925-771-7636 or 925-798-8747

How to prepare for my upcoming Pleasant Getaway:

  • Make sure we have an e-mail on file for you. We will do updates, confirmations and reminders through e-mail with more detailed information than what is listed on your ticket.
  • Be familiar with your pickup location. We have 2 pickup locations and your ticket will say either Parking Spot 1: 147 Gregory Ln or Parking Spot 2: 2 Santa Barbara Rd – Both lots are in Pleasant Hill. Make sure you know ahead of time where to go.
  • Wear layers. California weather is unpredictable so come prepared. Comfortable shoes, long sleeves, light sweater and a jacket are often a good idea, especially if we are headed to San Francisco.
  • Bring your cell phone. In case there is an emergency while on the trip, you can contact the Travel Escort and let them know.
  • Be on time! Your ticket indicates a time for arrival to the pickup spot and a time for departure from that pickup spot. Make sure you are closer to the arrival time. If you show up at the departure time, you are late!
  • Always listen to your assigned Travel Escort. There is a certain way most trips are to play out and the Escort onboard will often give you directions. Please look, listen and note what they have to say in order to keep the trip on track.
  • If there is a docent, please listen and save your conversations until after the tour, or for when there is an indicated time for questions. It’s hard for our docents to do their job if everyone is talking at the same time.
  • Have a question? Ask the Travel Escort. Do not divert from the directions without permission from your Travel Escort.
  • Be polite and be positive. You are boarding a bus with 48-56 other people; old friendships are relished, and new ones are forged on these trips. Bring your best self and enjoy the ride.
  • Don’t be late! If we are at a location and you cause us to go off schedule for too long of a time, we could get charged overtime while on the trip. Bring your watch, set your phone alarm, walk up to the meet spot 5 minutes before you must board the bus for home. We do pass on the overtime charges to those who caused the delay, so it is best to be prompt.

All these tips will ensure that you’ll have a, Pleasant Getaway.

Pleasant Getaways Travel Meetings
What is the Pleasant Getaways Travel Meeting? Our monthly meeting that is held the first Tuesday of the month at 1 p.m. in the Chateau Room, which features the newest travel offerings of the Pleasant Hill Senior Center. We announce a new World Travel excursions offered from our local travel representative, then we announce our Pleasant Getaways which we take by motorcoach all around the Bay Area and beyond, you will have the chance to sign up for these trips before they go on sale the following Monday. You do not have to be a member to attend Trip Meeting, but if you sign up for a trip you will be charged an extra $10 for not being a Senior Center Member.

  1. Cassie Eternal

    Cassie Eternal

    Recreation Coordinator

Travel Office Phone:
(925) 798-8747

Travel Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
(Closed every First Tuesday for the Pleasant Getaways Presentation at 1pm in The Chateau Room at the Pleasant Hill Senior Center.)

233 Gregory Lane
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Special Day-Trip Accommodations
If you require a special accommodation to be made for the trip you are signing up for, it is your responsibility to let us know at the time of purchase. Examples of accommodations you will need to alert the Travel Office of would be, special dietary restrictions, electric wheelchair, service animal, mobility issues (including walkers), ADA/Handicap room requests, etc. The Travel Office will do it's best to get these accommodations for you, but we cannot promise that they accommodations will be available, it is all based on the venue we are traveling to and their own policies. If a venue is not ADA accessible, we will indicate on our promotional material what they have told us about their business or venue and why it is not accessible.

Rules of Traveling With Pleasant Hill Seniors
  • Always listen to your escort. Your escort is there to make sure things go smoothly on your trip. You must be courteous to them and always listen to their instructions, they have a relationship with the Trip Coordinator and they have the right to change the trip based on time allowances or unforeseen issues along the way. They take on huge responsibilities and they are volunteers who work very hard to make sure these trips go off without a hitch. If you have a complaint save it for your return so the Trip Coordinator can walk you through it, do not pester the Trip Escort with complaints as it is usually not their fault.
  • No Switching Meals. All meals are ordered ahead of time and they are finalized by the time of the trip. Substitutions can only be made with advance notice.
  • No strong perfumes. A Lot of people are allergic to a lot of different scents that make them ill.
  • You must be on time to the bus. If we are at a location and your escort says you will need to be back on the bus at 3 p.m. and you show up at 3:30 p.m., you have just caused us to go into overtime with the bus company. When this happens, you will be charged for the time that you have caused the trip to be delayed and you will not be allowed to participate in trips until this overtime fee has been paid. The bus may even leave you behind at the destination you are, so please, we cannot stress enough, always be on time to the bus.
  • Be courteous to your fellow travelers.