Perera Pavilion

The Perera Pavilion is the largest room in all of our centers and the most sought after. This room is perfect for large weddings, fundraisers and corporate events. During the week it's often used for large business meetings and classrooms sessions. There are large vaulted ceilings and the room is filled with large windows from floor to ceiling. The Gazebo and large redwoods can be seen from all areas of the room, there's not a bad seat in the house. 

This room can seat up to 380 people at large rounds or stadium seating. There is a catering kitchen attached to this room as well and can be rented for an additional fee. This is also our most popular room and can be booked up to a full year out. 

Room Setups

Bride and Groom Perera Pavilion setup on Dance Studio side of room

Bride and Groom

Buffet Setup in Perera Pavilion in front of mirrors

Perera Pavilion Buffet

Perera Pavilion large event setup, white linens

Seating for 250


Rates vary based on day of the week, residency and type of agency
2 hour minimum weekday
8 hour minimum Saturday and 
5 hours on Sunday & Friday after 5pm

Weekdays M-Thur,
Fri until 5pm


 Friday after 5pm
& all day Sunday

 Resident  $125/Hr $290/Hr $225/Hr
$155/Hr $350/Hr $275/Hr
 Non-Profit $100/Hr $265/Hr $205/Hr