Measure A

The Board of Directors authorized placing a General Obligation Bond on the March 2020 ballot. 

To improve parks and recreation for children, families and senior citizens; upgrade and replace deteriorating restrooms; improve safety and security; upgrade outdated plumbing and irrigation; and upgrade, construct, renovate, and expand parks and facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to commonly asked questions about Measure A
  • Why a Bond Measure? Pleasant Hill Rec & Park District recently completed its Master Plan ("The Big Picture") which identifies and prioritizes a comprehensive list of projects to maintain, preserve and improve District parks and facilities over the next 10-15 years. The cost to implement these Master Plan projects is beyond the scope of Rec & Park's operating and capital budgets. A bond would provide the necessary funds to make these projects happen. 
  • What is the name of the Measure? Measure A
  • What is the total amount to be raised? $63.5 million, averaging $3,400,000 collected annually. 
  • What is the fiscal impact to residents? 1.9 cents per $100 assessed property value (annually)
  • Why did the Board choose $63.5 million? The estimates for completing all projects in the Master Plan total $63,564,214. See the list of project estimates here.
  • When will it appear on the ballot? March 3, 2020
  • Who is eligible to vote? Registered voters that live within the District boundaries.
  • How many votes are needed for it to pass? It will require 2/3 majority "yes" votes to pass