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Getting outside, exercising, and outdoor play are healthy ways to cope in extremely stressful situations. Now more than ever, we need this important outlet. Currently, District parks and open spaces remain OPEN at this time but with several mandated restrictions. These important mandates issued by Contra Costa Health Services must be followed AT ALL TIMES in order for PH Rec & Park District to keep our parks accessible to the public.

All outdoor park playground structures OPEN for play! 

On December 9, 2020, the State of California updated its stay-at-home guidelines to allow playgrounds to stay open as essential. "Playgrounds may remain open to facilitate physically distanced personal health and wellness through outdoor exercise," said CDPH Deputy Director of Communications Ali Bay.

Please keep our parks open by practicing the following precautionary measures:

  • IMPORTANT! MASKS REQUIRED for everyone over 2 years old when on and around park play structures!
  • Keep 6 ft apart!
  • No food or drinks on the playground
  • Wash Hands
  • Avoid crowding on play structures
  • Stay home if sick (or higher risk)
  • Share the space (limit visit to 30 minutes)

For more information about the latest Contra Costa Health Services orders, visit

Thank you for your cooperation!

Brookwood Park Play Structure

Brookwood Park

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Paso Nogal Open Space

Paso Nogal Open Space & Dog Park

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Pleasant Hill Park

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Pleasant Oaks Park

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Picture of playground at Rodgers-Smith Park

Rodgers-Smith Park

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Bridge at Shannon Hills Park

Shannon Hills Park

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  1. Tom Bradley

    Tom Bradley

    Park Superintendent

For Park issues or concerns, please contact Tom Bradley, Park Superintendent at 925-671-4649. For emergencies please call 911