Meet the Pleasant Hill Senior Club

2020 Board of Directors

  • Jeannette Holmes, President 
  • Leo Vardas, Vice President
  • Dagny Benz, Past President
  • Carl Sutter, Secretary
  • Joann Kurpinsky, Treasurer
  • Elaine Yeary, Membership
  • Marianne Tannehill, Sunshine

  • Peggy Sutter, Volunteer Chair 
  • Dana Simmons, Editor 
  • Patty Strickland, Parliamentarian 
  • Anne Haydock, Activity Chair

Senior Club Meetings

  • Board of Directors Meetings: Every month on the 1st Tuesday at 10am via Zoom 
  • General Membership Meeting: General Meetings will resume once programs are back in the building

2021 Senior Center Memberships now available!
Membership sign ups and renewals for 2021 can be done by calling the front desk Tuesday-Thursday between 9:00am-12:00pm or Sign up for 2021 Membership Online!

Code of Conduct

The Pleasant Hill Senior Club (PHSC) is committed to serving the residents of Pleasant Hill, as well as those of surrounding cities. Membership is for adults, ages 50 and above who are welcome to participate in recreation, socializing, education, fitness and many other helpful services. 

Our expectation is that no one should engage in the following behaviors:
  • Abusive, obscene, threatening, harassing, insulting, or suggestive language towards a staff member, volunteer or participant
  • Verbal, physical or visual harassment of another participant, staff member or volunteer
  • Participating while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, as well as smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Fighting, physical abuse; actual or threatened violence toward any individual or group
  • Removal of PHSC Property or funds from the premises
  • Promotion of or engaging in any illegal activities, bullying or taking unfair advantage of any participant
  • Failure to follow any Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District policy or procedure
  • Circulating a petition or survey or printing a newsletter, taking photos in the Center, selling tickets for an organization or event, soliciting for an organization or event. These activities must have the approval of the Senior Supervisor
  • Lying down on the furniture, vandalizing or littering PHSC property
  • Failing to cooperate with an adult supervisor/leader/mentor
Please be nice to others or you will be asked to leave the premises.

Welcome our new seniors and make them feel at home. Everybody needs a friendly face, someone to trust, someone to guide them through our facility and show them where everything is. Is this you?

We are always looking for friendly souls who have a way with people. Speak to the Senior Program Supervisor, Holly Frates, if you would like to become a volunteer!